The Unexpected Adventure (Part 1)

At around 5pm on Sunday 2nd October 2016 my sister text me “we have surprise visitors, can you stop by after work?” followed by “very good surprise visitors…has to be tonight”

I was tired and ready to go home. Shortly after my son was born, I volunteered to work weekend shift in order to spend more time with him and help more around the house. I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 6am – 6pm and I was ready to go home and have a beer.

So I text my sister back and said I would be over after work. I had no idea who the “surprise visitors” would be.

For the next hour as I wrapped up my work for the weekend I racked my brain trying to figure out who the visitors could be.

I left work and headed to my parents house, where my sister is staying, and on the driveway I saw two used motorcycles. I say used because if someone was to rent motorcycles they would inevitably be newer. Who did we know here in the States that owns motorcycles except for me?

I rang the door bell and my mum answered the door. “Come in!” she said with a big grin. As I walked in the door I saw two of my uncles standing there with big smiles on their faces. Wow! What were they doing here? And where did they get those bikes?

At this point I should explain that my Dad is the youngest of four brothers, and that the middle two brothers are the ones that were standing there in the living room. It turns out we were all surprised. None of us knew they were coming.

I asked them what they were up to and where they got the bikes. My uncle Colin explained that a friend of his, who used to live in England, but now lives in Atlanta, had bought the bikes for them to use. They were on a trip out west!

Wow! A trip out west. That is ever motorcyclists dream. I asked them when they were setting out. They answered that tomorrow was the start of the journey westwards, and that they planned on stopping by the motor speedway in Indianapolis on the way.

“I’d love to join you for a bit!” I exclaimed. “You can show us the way to the speedway if you like” my Uncle Brian replied.

After catching up for a while and taking some family photographs, we agreed to meet up in the morning, and I would ride out with them towards the speedway and help send them on their way.

When I got home my wife and I talked for a while and I asked her if she would mind me joining them for a few days instead and take small part in the adventure. Even though our son was only 5 1/2 months old, she said yes immediately and agreed that opportunities like this must be seized upon when they come up.

So that night I packed up my gear for a 4 day ride, remounted the saddlebags on my bike, and checked all the levels.

In the morning I doubled checked everything, put on all my gear and made ready for the off. When I took the bike out onto the driveway, my wife gave me my son and took a couple of pictures of us. I gave them both kisses and cuddles before roaring off to meet up with my Uncles for the unexpected adventure!

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